Banshee Issue 3: Autumn / Winter 2016

I’m delighted to say that I’m among many wonderful and talented folks who have work in the newest issue of Banshee magazine. My own poem is called Karlovo Namesti, a square in Prague with which I became very familiar while living there. Aside from myself, there’s non-fiction from Dylan Brennan, whose Blood Oranges from The Penny Dreadful is one of my favourite collections of poems by a young Irish writer in the last few years. There’s also new fiction from Deirdre Sullivan, and more poetry, fiction, flash, and non-  from a wide array of voices.

You can pre-order the issue for as little as €10 if you live in Ireland or Northern Ireland. It’s only a €2 more expensive for those living elsewhere.

I would strongly encourage you to support this magazine of new Irish writing, which is edited by three women who want to bring all that is best and vibrant about contemporary Irish writing to the fore. Click the link below for more:

Banshee Issue Three


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