Robinson Crusoe på norsk: a challenge

Now that I am living in Norway, I need to start learning the language. But language learning can be difficult, frustrating and a little bit dull. So to liven things up a little, I am setting myself a challenge. I’m also publicising it, so that I feel like there’s some pressure on me to see the challenge through.

For a while, I’ve been using duolingo to get a head start on Norwegian, and I am also using a more old fashioned method of using a textbook with a workbook called Ny i Norge from 1990. To add some spice I am going to try and read Robinson Crusoe in translation. The version I am reading was published in 1968, by NW Damm og Søn in Oslo and the edition is very definitely aimed at kids, which should mean that the language is, if not simple, at least not impossible.

The copy of Robinson Crusoe that will either become a great friend or a mortal enemy over the next nineteen weeks!

I will be using Cappelen’s Store Engelsk Ordbook, also from 1968, as an aid along with the more recent Engelsk blå ordbok from Kunnskapsforlaget, published in 2012.

It is divided into 19 chapters and I am going to try and read at least one chapter a week. That means I should have the book, counting from today, read by 29 December 2016. Basically, if I get to the end of it by new year’s day, I’ll be happy. Consider this a kind of new year’s resolution in reverse.

I will post each week (not necessarily always on the same day) about my progress and any interesting language points which I find and to generally update people on my progress. Wish me luck, and make sure I keep reading!


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