New Look, New Name

Regular visitors to the blog might have noticed a few changes. I’ve changed the theme of Sidelines in order to tidy up and make the blog a bit easier to navigate.

The main menu along the top now contains links out to several of my publications and my recent work for Pog Mo Goal. In time I hope to add some more external links to the top menu but this is enough for now.

Along the sidebar I’ve added my Twitter feed and a link to my book’s Facebook page.

Quite some time ago I changed the name of this blog to Sidelines.  The name was chosen to reflect my interest in sport : standing on the sidelines is part of the joy of being a spectator – it is a great vantage point from which to see the action unfold. You are almost a part of it you are so close to it.

It is also an accurate reflection of the feeling one sometimes has a historian – that of standing on the sidelines watching the action unfold, watching, remembering events, and recording them. My interest in history is those who were in some way on the sidelines of their own times too. Not the great and the good, the wealthy and powerful,  but ordinary people caught up in their own extraordinary times.

A sideline is also something done “on the side”, in addition to what you normally do. I take my blog, and blogging, seriously but it is a sideline. It allows me a space to explore ideas for the first time in a raw, unprocessed way. It also frees me from constraints to write about whatever I want.

So as well as giving the blog a new look,  I have also changed the domain of the blog to

Whether you are new or a returning reader I hope you find the sidelines of history as fascinating a place as I do.


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